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B-Line Farm Website

When a large (and growing) family needed a website to keep in touch, share photos, and organize time together, we designed a website that allowed for easy updates and prioritized what mattered most to them. The website is private (it has a shared calendar and personal photos), but we’ve provided images and details of the site content below!

When Minimal Fits the Bill

When Minimal Fits the Bill

For the Murphy family, having a website for family members to interact across state lines and time zones was all about the simple things: photos, a common calendar, and making the most of summer family reunions. Keeping minimalism in mind, we pared down tabs, featured family photos, and added a section to highlight the local social scene of their vacation farm-home.

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Coordinating Schedules

Coordinating Schedules

With family members spread across four states, this family was looking for a calendar to hold key events and everyone in the loop with planned visits. Using a simple, streamlined app with user-friendly inputs, we designed a calendar to fit their family needs.